Current Events

Party politics
Sophie Baker

There is a seemingly insurmountable contradiction between what is best for voters and the decisions lawmakers make. How do we change that?

How not to lose hope
Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias

I interviewed three prominent political figures in our state and asked what their thoughts were about our future. Find out what they said.

Breathing in cancer: The Great Salt Lake’s effect on our air
Gabe Andrus

In this article, I introduce and explain the potentially catastrophic effects of the state of the Great Salt Lake on our air. Though the situation may seem hopeless, I present a few ways in which students can aid (and perhaps remedy) the situation that our dear lake is in. ​​​​​​

H.B. 11 Discussion
Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias & Eli Borgenicht

Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias and Eli Borgenicht sit down and record a podcast discussing Utah's H.B. 11.

Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias

It was just a regular day.

Let there be snow!
Chase Noteware

Snow is abundant in Utah, but in this article, I will tell you why we actually seek it!