Perfectionism: A barrier to success
Maddie Mulford

After winning the first place prize in the Westminster Essay Contest, one would think that their writing would improve. I found the opposite to be true, and it’s because of perfectionism. 

Disruptive activism in sports
Sophie Baker

Activist causes need platforms to spread their message. Could sporting events provide that venue? 

How to make productive spaces
Max Jansen

Does your neck ever hurt from looking behind you all class to see what’s on the board, or have you brought a blanket to school to make up for the lack of heating? Well, there are ways to optimize learning spaces to avoid these discomforts.

The virtue of violence in the face of oppression: The BPP, ARHUM, and philosophy
Gabe Andrus

In this brief article, I will explore the virtues of violent resistance in the face of oppression, especially as it pertains to the Black Panther Party, the topic of my research in Dr. Kogan’s Advanced Research Humanities class. I will focus on the philosophical questions associated with the use of violence too.

Stigma and silence: The failures of journalistic coverage of Haiti
Sophie Baker

In much of their coverage, journalists portray Haiti as a dependent nation, who is essentially sucking the lifeblood from world powers. Many neglect to mention the devastating effect of the cycles of foreign influence that have defined Haitian history since the country’s independence.

Camp Roger’s ups and downs
Beck Sidlow

Camp Roger was the freshman Beyond the Classroom trip this year, featuring games, fun activities learning about plant and animal life, as well as studying the river.

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