H.B. 11 Discussion
Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias & Eli Borgenicht

Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias and Eli Borgenicht sit down and record a podcast discussing Utah's H.B. 11.

Walking away from laziness
Max Jansen

An article on the benefits of walking during the day as well as some fun information on how far you walk from your classes.

Mr. Wilson, the pigeon guy
Nina Martin and Claire Hersh

Have you ever wondered if animals belong in the classroom? If you have had Mr. Wilson as your biology teacher, you will know that they definitely do.

Top six coffee shops near Rowland Hall
Kavitha Kasturi and Bea Martin

A detailed article on the ins and outs of coffee shops around Salt Lake, rating them and their vanilla lattes so you don't have to.

How to 5 (or 4) your AP exam!
Ruchi Agarwal

Are you scared for your AP tests next week? Are you confused about how you should study? Read below!

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