The demise of activism
Ruchi Agarwal and Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias

Nobody cares about your Instagram stories. Sorry if that’s harsh— but it’s the truth.

#Van-life and Dan Mitchell
Logan Fang

Learn more about Dan Mitchell’s departure from Rowland Hall and what he plans to do in the future.

Funny summer job experiences
Sophia Sandoval

Rowland Hall students and faculty share unforgettable funny memories of their summer jobs.

The schedule’s effect on the student body and faculty
Kavitha Kasturi and Nina Martin

Constructing a schedule is a challenging task due to the fact that everyone prefers different things. Keep reading through this article for some information and student and teacher opinions about previous, current, and future schedules.

A winding street to a better urban area
Max Jansen

9th and 9th has always been an interesting place for students to get lunch and have a good time, but what more is there to know about local businesses around homes, and what impact does that proximity have?

A snack for every occasion
Bea Martin and Claire Hersh

What is your favorite snack? In this article, we discuss the best snacks and drinks for every mood and occasion.

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