Profile on Zachary Klein
Ruchi Agarwal

A Rowland Hall junior coded the first-ever high school debate Elo ranking system. Here are the details on how Zachary Klein did it!​​​

Beach Bash 2021
Hayden Kaufman Schiller

Parties are usually centered around food, so how did party planners plan parties without consumption during Covid?

Why Camp Roger?
Sophia Sandoval

The 9th-grade trip is an inclusive way to build and strengthen relationships between students and teachers. Thanks to the Rowland Hall faculty and staff, a modified Beyond the Classroom program was able to take place this fall.

Staying on in the off season
Zach Schwab

Luke Muhlestein gives insight into the importance of staying physically and mentally in shape during the off season and offers strategies to do so. 

Teamwork in volleyball
Emma Hare

This story shows that teamwork is important to volleyball players but is not always the easiest thing to attain. It also shows that there are hard times, and when you are on a team there must be a way to overcome them and play as a team.

The many sides of Samara Bean
Bea Martin and Kavitha Kasturi

Samara Bean, Upper School administrative assistant, is an extremely important member of the Rowland Hall community whose interests and talents are beyond fascinating. 

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