Claire Wang '15: Climate Activist
Sophie Baker

Many students think that they are powerless to effect change in school and beyond. Rowland Hall graduate Claire Wang teaches us otherwise. 

How not to lose hope
Rodrigo Fernandez-Esquivias

I interviewed three prominent political figures in our state and asked what their thoughts were about our future. Find out what they said.

#Van-life and Dan Mitchell
Logan Fang

Learn more about Dan Mitchell’s departure from Rowland Hall and what he plans to do in the future.

Mr. Wilson, the pigeon guy
Nina Martin and Claire Hersh

Have you ever wondered if animals belong in the classroom? If you have had Mr. Wilson as your biology teacher, you will know that they definitely do.

The many sides of Samara Bean
Bea Martin and Kavitha Kasturi

Samara Bean, Upper School administrative assistant, is an extremely important member of the Rowland Hall community whose interests and talents are beyond fascinating. 

Profile on Lauren Stivers
Logan Fang

Lauren Stivers is now the emotional support counselor here at Rowland Hall. Read about her past work experience and goals for the future.

Profile on Annie Hawkins
Kavitha Kasturi

Annie Hawkins, former soccer player, has been around the world playing soccer and is now a beloved coach for the Rowland Hall girls soccer team.