Student Life

Funny summer job experiences
Sophia Sandoval

Rowland Hall students and faculty share unforgettable funny memories of their summer jobs.

The schedule’s effect on the student body and faculty
Kavitha Kasturi and Nina Martin

Constructing a schedule is a challenging task due to the fact that everyone prefers different things. Keep reading through this article for some information and student and teacher opinions about previous, current, and future schedules.

Walking away from laziness
Max Jansen

An article on the benefits of walking during the day as well as some fun information on how far you walk from your classes.

Top six coffee shops near Rowland Hall
Kavitha Kasturi and Bea Martin

A detailed article on the ins and outs of coffee shops around Salt Lake, rating them and their vanilla lattes so you don't have to.

How to 5 (or 4) your AP exam!
Ruchi Agarwal

Are you scared for your AP tests next week? Are you confused about how you should study? Read below!

Sophia Sandoval

Rowland Hall students give their input on the top five rated online shopping sites.

Student jobs at Rowland Hall
Ruchi Agarwal

Have you ever wondered what type of jobs Rowland Hall students have? Read on to find out!

Profile on Zachary Klein
Ruchi Agarwal

A Rowland Hall junior coded the first-ever high school debate Elo ranking system. Here are the details on how Zachary Klein did it!​​​

Beach Bash 2021
Hayden Kaufman Schiller

Parties are usually centered around food, so how did party planners plan parties without consumption during Covid?

Why Camp Roger?
Sophia Sandoval

The 9th-grade trip is an inclusive way to build and strengthen relationships between students and teachers. Thanks to the Rowland Hall faculty and staff, a modified Beyond the Classroom program was able to take place this fall.

Candy Crush
Rebecca Miles

This is your one stop to learn about our favorite candies at Rowland Hall and how to prepare for Halloween next year.