Student Life

Monday walks with Mr. Oftedal
Theo Billings

During the first semester, 9th-grade FYE students were able to take Monday walks with Mark Oftedal, which ended up being much more than expected.

How to make productive spaces
Max Jansen

Does your neck ever hurt from looking behind you all class to see what’s on the board, or have you brought a blanket to school to make up for the lack of heating? Well, there are ways to optimize learning spaces to avoid these discomforts.

Camp Roger’s ups and downs
Beck Sidlow

Camp Roger was the freshman Beyond the Classroom trip this year, featuring games, fun activities learning about plant and animal life, as well as studying the river.

A duck under pressure
Logan Fang

How does imposter syndrome at top-tier universities relate to the kind of self-doubt experienced among RH students?

How much has changed in mountain bikes?
AJ Socolean

Let's explore how much mountain bikes have evolved over time, and how those changes have made mountain biking safer, more affordable, and easier to enjoy in general.

Lessons to be learned from Star Wars
Abdallah Butt

This simple yet funny article takes a look into how Star Wars could teach you lessons that you could use in school or in your everyday life.

The schedule’s effect on the student body and faculty
Kavitha Kasturi and Nina Martin

Constructing a schedule is a challenging task due to the fact that everyone prefers different things. Keep reading through this article for some information and student and teacher opinions about previous, current, and future schedules.

Walking away from laziness
Max Jansen

An article on the benefits of walking during the day as well as some fun information on how far you walk from your classes.

Top six coffee shops near Rowland Hall
Kavitha Kasturi and Bea Martin

A detailed article on the ins and outs of coffee shops around Salt Lake, rating them and their vanilla lattes so you don't have to.

Beach Bash 2021
Hayden Kaufman Schiller

Parties are usually centered around food, so how did party planners plan parties without consumption during Covid?

Candy Crush
Rebecca Miles

This is your one stop to learn about our favorite candies at Rowland Hall and how to prepare for Halloween next year.