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Thank You for STANDING UP for Rowland Hall: Our 2021 Virtual Auction

This auction showcases how we stand up for each other and our greater community to boldly face the challenges of the past year—all while bringing us together to enjoy stand-up comedy and share some laughs.

Auction Art: Get a sense of the scale of this year's art and bid now!

A Message from Auction Chair Andrea Miller on Our Theme: Stand Up Rowland Hall

Andrea and John Miller

This has been a challenging year. Yet we’ve made our way through it by standing up—standing up for the health and safety of our kids, teachers, school, and community. 

Standing up takes courage. Yet it's the very thing that weaves our hearts together and makes us a unified community. When people stand up, we can find ourselves laughing together… sometimes we end up crying together… and sometimes, coming together gives us the strength, courage, and resources to overcome every challenge the world throws at us. That's what the people of Rowland Hall have done this year and hope to continue doing through the coming year.

And so, April 12–17, we'll celebrate what it means to “stand up.” We'll highlight ways in which our community has stood up for what they believe in. We also want to have a bit of fun. The event will feature a stand-up comedian along with other members of our community telling jokes. We'll have adults and children from our community submit videos of themselves telling jokes. We'll pick the best and cutest and weave them together into our April 17 virtual program. Please join us!

Initiatives Supported by the 2021 Auction

Faculty Professional Development

Rowland Hall fosters a culture that enables educators to explore and incorporate current research into their teaching practices and student learning. The auction will support opportunities for faculty professional learning, growth, and collaboration. Empowering our faculty with the latest research on education, teaching, and learning allows them to provide differentiated approaches to instruction and to better assess student learning.


Rowland Hall values socioeconomic diversity and is dedicated to building an inclusive school community. The school provides over $2.61 million per year in financial aid and scholarships to students in grades K–12. All financial aid awards offered by Rowland Hall are grants, not loans, and do not have to be repaid. Currently, 22% of K–12 students receive financial aid. 


This year, COVID-19 greatly impacted our school. From creating hybrid and virtual learning experiences, to upgrading the physical buildings, the learning landscape has changed and our needs have evolved. Setting aside available funds for urgent and emerging needs during this time ensures our school can continue to offer education to our 880 students. 

Questions and Volunteer Opportunities

If you have a question about the auction or would like to volunteer, please email Director of Alumni and Community Engagement Hilary Amoss.

Committee Members

Executive Committee
Andrea and John Miller, Auction Chairs
Hilary Amoss, Director of Alumni and Community Engagement
Kathryn Pickford, Administrative Assistant to the Beginning School and Auction Assistant
Helen Barkes
Cyndi Baughman
Sarah Campsen
Christopher Cocke-Olsen
Deanna Combs
Amanda Conner
Amy Damico
Katrina Durham
Melissa Filippone
Anne Hoagland
Molly Jones 
Angie Katsanevas
Laura Kemper
Krystal Kendell
Kaylyn Lehmann
Akemi Louchheim
Marina Lowe
Gina Miller
Libby Mitchell
Marianne Moyle
Mekensy Overholt
Jennifer Price-Wallin
Jeanna Ryan
Manisha Shah
Adria Swindle
Allison Varner
Alex Von Maack
Ericka Weissman
Solicitations Committee
Krystal Kendell, Solicitations Co-Chair
Jeanna Ryan, Solicitations Co-Chair
Andrea Miller, Auction Chair 
Erin Bean
Antonio Bucio
Stavros Drakos
Virginia Gowski
Nicole Hemingway
Eliza Hitz
Jennifer Hotchkin
Christina Jepson
Brooke Knudtson
Mairi Leining
Anne Maguire
Alex Meade
Tara Meade
Sean Overholt
Elena Patel
Frances Reagan Copinga
Jonathan Ribera
John Ryan
Claire Shepley