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Capital Campaign banner reading "The World Awaits | The Campaign for Rowland Hall"

Rowland Hall's vision for what's possible in education is bold and empowering, driven by an understanding that today’s students need an educational experience that prepares them for an ever-changing world. As we look to the future, we’re committed to developing people the world needs: for our students, for our communities, for our shared tomorrow.

An extraordinary vision requires an extraordinary learning environment. To fully bring our vision for education to life, new, state-of-the-art facilities that unite Rowland Hall on one campus are essential. A single, integrated campus designed for transformative education will further elevate learning, amplify teaching, expand programmatic and collaborative opportunities, and bring our community together. To accomplish this transformation, we are called to unlock Rowland Hall’s full potential and to show what’s possible in education.

Because the world awaits, our new campus cannot.

"This campaign is not simply an investment in buildings. It is an investment in developing people the world needs. It’s urgent. It’s imperative. It’s possible."

Mick Gee
Head of School

  • $34,682,011
  • $45,000,000

This campaign will raise funds to build the following on the Richard R. Steiner Campus:

A rendering of the new promenade at Rowland Hall's Richard R. Steiner Campus.

Middle School

A rendering of the new courtyard at Rowland Hall's Richard R. Steiner Campus.

Upper School

A rendering of the new Athletic Complex at Rowland Hall's Richard R. Steiner Campus.

Athletic Complex

A rendering of the new Performing Arts Center at Rowland Hall's Richard R. Steiner Campus.

Performing Arts Center

These new facilities will be purpose-built and designed to:

Cultivate Community

Together, we will create welcoming, collaborative, flexible-use spaces on a unified campus, increasing connections at Rowland Hall.

Design Authentic Learning

Together, we will expand opportunities for student-designed projects and original research to develop the critical and creative thinkers and communicators that the world needs.

Reimagine Curriculum

Together, we will enhance key programs in purpose-built spaces that engage our students in solving the world’s hardest problems.

The Richard R. Steiner Campus



The new all-electric buildings are larger yet more energy-efficient than the Lincoln Street Campus.


student hubs

These areas, specifically designed for students, will provide spaces needed to socialize, study, and cultivate community.


parking spots

That's 109 more spots than the existing Lincoln Street Campus.


feet of windows in the dining hall

Yes, the new dining hall will be above ground and feature both city and mountain views.

Your generosity will make possible a vision of extraordinary teaching and learning that reimagines what the future looks like for our students and the world.

"To us, Rowland Hall is more than a school, it's a community. Unifying on one campus intentionally constructed to cultivate deep connections will further enhance our strong sense of community, enabling our students to build relationships and friendships that will last far beyond their time on campus."

Adam and Andrea Himoff

“The innovative new campus we’re building opens up endless possibilities for our program and students. I envision cross-divisional collaboration and student-driven research, either independently or with local experts, to solve real-world problems. These things are happening now, but state-of-the-art purpose-built facilities will amplify what we can do as a school.”

Ben Smith ’89
Faculty, Parent, Alum

“Generations of Rowland Hall families before us have given generously to create the school that our kids benefit from today. Yes, we’re excited for our kids to be on the new campus. But really, we want to pay it forward for the next generation of Rowland Hall students to come.”

Mekensy and Sean Overholt

Thank You!

We are grateful to all of our donors for investing in the future of Rowland Hall. Your generosity will make possible a new vision for education – a vision of extraordinary teaching and learning that reimagines what the future looks like for our students and the world. If you haven’t yet donated, we encourage you to join us as we undertake the most significant transformation in our history.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss a multi-year pledge, please contact Director of Institutional Advancement Robyn Jensen.

Please join us in impacting generations to come