The Future: Theirs, Ours, Yours...

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A high school students pays close attention to her teacher during a Rowland Hall class
A group of Rowland Hall elementary school students smile at the camera on their Salt Lake City, Utah campus
Two high school students work together in a chemistry class at Rowland Hall's Salt Lake City Upper School
Two Rowland Hall Middle School students work together on a project during class.
A group of high school students gather around a table and laugh during a class at Rowland Hall's Salt Lake City high school
A Rowland Hall high school student embraces her elementary school buddy after an interdivisional project
A young student laughs while sitting at a table in her Salt Lake City, Utah, private preschool classroom.
Five Rowland Hall high schoolers work together on an experiment in their Salt Lake City, Utah classroom.
A young student raises her hand during a Rowland Hall outreach project at the Great Salt Lake.
Two Middle School students chat during lunch outside of Rowland Hall's Lincoln Street Campus.
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Rowland Hall’s new vision, Developing People the World Needs, is transformative for the school and community. This extraordinary vision for the future of Rowland Hall requires an extraordinary learning environment.

For many years, Rowland Hall has envisioned uniting all students on one campus. With the school’s new strategic vision and priorities in mind, Rowland Hall’s Board of Trustees has approved a plan to build a new, state-of-the-art facility on the Richard R. Steiner Campus all at once. This plan includes a new Middle School and Upper School, complete with performing arts and STEM spaces and an athletic complex. Beyond unifying the school on one campus, these new facilities will amplify the work of Rowland Hall students and teachers, serve as a hub for educational innovation in our local community, and bring to life our bold vision for what’s possible in education.

If our vision for the future is bold, our plans must be equally ambitious. The school is motivated to build a new campus as soon as we can. This is a transformative moment for Rowland Hall. We have the opportunity to reimagine what the future looks like for our students and the world, and the time is now.

We are currently making strategic decisions about how to structure and finance the new campus plans, the most significant capital project in the school’s 155-year history. Philanthropy is the foundation upon which the campus will be built. We will look to the generosity of our Rowland Hall community to help support this new, extraordinary learning environment, and, more importantly, to help support the school in developing people the world needs.

We are called to unlock Rowland Hall’s full potential and to show what’s possible in education. Because the world awaits, our new campus cannot.

Acting On Our Shared Future

Rowland Hall's strategic priorities compel us to do four things: To cultivate a community where everyone thrives. To design authentic learning experiences that develop students’ sense of agency and purpose. To reimagine a curriculum that engages students in solving the world’s greatest challenges. And to provide a learning environment that promotes innovation and collaboration. This final priority drives the campaign to build a new campus, and is key to achieving all four priorities.

Buildings don’t define us, but they do empower us. Our new facility campus plan will, at last, unite Rowland Hall on one campus and offer a learning environment that calls forth our students’ full potential.

An aerial rendering of the new Rowland Hall, together on one campus in Salt Lake City, Utah

A Building to Support Our Priorities

Cultivate a community where each member thrives


We will cultivate community by building welcoming, collaborative, flexible- use spaces that enhance connections at Rowland Hall, as well as with local partners.

Design authentic learning experiences in which students have agency and purpose


We will design authentic learning experiences by expanding opportunities for student-designed and -led projects that enable learners to develop as the problem-solvers, critical thinkers, communicators, and creators the world needs.

Reimagine a curriculum to prepare students for an ever-changing world


We will reimagine curriculum by dedicating space for enhanced programs in applied mathematics, engineering, technology, entrepreneurship, and environmental and research science.

Join Us

As we undertake the most significant transformation in our history, we look to community leaders to join us in supporting the school’s programmatic and strategic priorities.

Rowland Hall’s aim remains constant: to inspire students who make a difference. We know we must send our students into their bright futures armed with enriching experiences that will make them confident, principled, engaged leaders. We must develop people the world needs.

Thank you for considering support of our new campus. Your generosity will make possible a new vision for education—a vision of extraordinary teaching and learning that reimagines what the future looks like for our students and the world. Please join us in impacting generations to come.

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Mick Gee
Head of School

A photo of Rowland Hall's Head of School, Mick Gee