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Above & Beyond

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The Annual Fund

...helps our teachers go above and beyond to inspire students to reach their potential.

Please note that the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has introduced new opportunities for charitable contributions to nonprofit institutions. For individuals who itemize, the CARES Act allows deductions for cash or stock donations of up to 100% of your 2020 adjusted gross income. For those who take the standard deduction, the bill allows for as much as $300 in annual charitable contributions (cash or stock) to be directly subtracted from your gross income.

2019–2020 Goal: $925,000 and 100% Participation
Parent Participation 76%
Board Participation 100%
Faculty/Staff Participation 99%
Total Raised $923,993

Updated June 30, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers and coaches encouraged me and believed in me...Having a community behind me that cares what I think and pushes me to grow has had a tremendous impact on who I've become.

—Kenzie Steward '18

2019–2020 Class Liaisons

Grade Liaison(s)
3PreK Devin Anderson & Katie Rose
4PreK Teresa Nelson
Kindergarten Drew von Lintel & Jessie Fiat
First Trey & Erin Bean
Second John & Pam Hanlon
Third Colin & Kat Potter
Fourth David & Tiffany Shewell
Fifth Jim & Holly Ngo; Renée Utgaard
Sixth Florencia Gurmandi
Seventh Chris & Tasha Hatton
Eighth Mary L. McIntyre; Jim & Amy Matheson
Ninth Robert Summerfield & Isabel Moreira; Dan Duggleby & Amy Geroso
Tenth Jennifer Gully; Scott & Deborah Hinton
Eleventh Jesus & Claudia Lamas; Fred & Corrine Welt
Twelfth Scott & Kathleen Nichols; Daniel & Traci Sheinberg

Your Participation Supports:

ethical education
financial aid

Ways to Give

Giving Levels


Hallmarker Society

Gold: $5,500–$9,999
Silver: $3,000–$5,499
Bronze: $1,500–$2,999

Donors who give at this level will be invited to the Hallmarker Celebration in April.

Headmaster's Council

Donors who give at this level will be invited to the Headmaster's Council Dinner in February and the Hallmarker Celebration in April.

Donor Privacy Policy 

Rowland Hall respects the privacy of its supporters and maintains the highest standards of ethics and integrity in our fundraising. We do not share, sell, rent, or lease your personal information to any third party.

Staff Contact

Lindsay Young
Director of the Annual Fund and Major Gifts // 801-924-2983get to know lindsay