One Campus

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Progress on the Capital Campaign for the Steiner Campus

Creating a School for the Next 150 Years

Generations of Rowland Hall educators and students have proven that a fine PreK-12 education is attainable in just about any physical location. However, current and future generations of students—digital learners who will be called upon to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and create new knowledge—require more than a traditional, industrial-age school experience.

The benefits of creating a facility truly designed for 21st-century learning are enormous, and the plan for our entire school community to occupy one campus presents the following exciting possibilities:

  • Enhanced curricular coordination between divisions and grade levels without the challenge of geographical distance and divisional separation
  • Cross-grade and cross-division activities to enrich academic, recreational, service, and artistic experiences
  • Mentoring programs
  • Opportunities to gather together as one school to celebrate our sense of community through the arts, at sporting events, and other all-school occasions
  • Integration of shared all-school programs such as technology, service learning, Rowmark Ski Academy and its junior programs, the chapel program and summer camps

Steiner Fields Grand Opening March 2014


Steiner Campus rendering