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Steiner Campus FAQs

What's the next step now that the athletic fields are finished?

In 2015 we completed a feasibility study and learned from our community that they wanted to see academics put before athletics. Based on the feedback we received from this process, the school decided that the next phase of the campaign would be focused on building a new Middle School and gym. We are now in the quiet phase for this stage of the campaign. An eventual third phase will build the Upper School, another gym, and a Performing Arts Center.

What's the total cost of the Middle School?

The projected cost of the Middle School is $35 million.

What is the timeline for the second phase?

The timeline of this phase will be determined by fundraising success and the readiness of the Rowland Hall community.

Why is the Middle School being built before the Upper School?

Based on feedback received from the Rowland Hall community, the school determined the Middle School as the priority due to its need for space.

Why can't Rowland Hall update the current Middle School to solve the need?

The Middle School on the Lincoln Street Campus is out of room and there is not enough space for an expansion. Renovating the facility is cost prohibitive and will not solve the need for more space.

Moving the Middle School to the Steiner Campus brings Rowland Hall one step closer to uniting the entire school on one campus.

I haven't heard from the Advancement Office asking for support. When can we contribute?

Rowland Hall is in the planning phases of the Capital Campaign and will be meeting with each family individually to learn about their interest and seek their support. As the planning process takes time, most families will not be asked for their support for a couple of years.

If you are interested in learning more now, please email Robyn Jensen.

My children won't attend the Steiner Campus. Why should I give?

Current students benefit from gifts made by past donors and by the generous school community. In supporting the Capital Campaign, you are honoring a tradition of giving at the school by paying it forward.

Your support helps to secure Rowland Hall as one of the premier independent schools in the country.

Will tuition increase to cover the cost of this project?

No, the new campus will be paid for with private donations raised during the Capital Campaign, not by increases in school tuition or fees.

What is the difference between the Capital Campaign and the Annual Fund, and will I be asked to support both causes?

The Capital Campaign raises funds for this large campus project and the additional endowment, and is conducted only until these specific monetary goals are achieved. The Annual Fund supports the annual operating budget and requires new funding every year, even during times when the school is in a capital campaign. Yes, we will be seeking everyone’s support for both efforts.

Will the Middle School add more students when the new building is complete?

Rowland Hall is committed to maintaining its current small class sizes, which are optimal for the developmental and educational goals we embrace in our school’s mission. The current Middle School class size ranges from 72-80 students.The Middle School on the Steiner Campus will be designed to accommodate 80 students per grade.

What will happen to the Lincoln Street Campus?

The Upper School will expand into the current Middle School space when the Middle School moves to the Steiner Campus. This will give much-needed space to Upper School programs that do not have adequate room, such as debate, fine arts, and Rowmark. It will also give Upper School students quiet study spaces which are lacking in the current building.

When the Upper School eventually moves to the Steiner Campus, Rowland Hall will sell the Lincoln Street Campus to an appropriate buyer, and the proceeds will become revenue for the final phase of the Capital Campaign.

What do teachers think about this project?

Teachers are excited about the opportunity to work in a larger, flexible, adaptable, daylit building where every program will have a dedicated space.

The Middle School on the Lincoln Street Campus lacks adequate space for an entire grade to gather. Teachers look forward to the ample gathering spaces included in the plans.

Teachers look forward to mentoring opportunities between Middle School and Lower School students.

Middle School teachers have been an integral part of the design process and are excited to work in a school that they helped to envision and that will enhance the way they teach.

Why is it important for the school to be united on one campus?

One campus will support cross-divisional learning, curricular coordination across grades, and student-to-student mentoring, all of which will enhance the extraordinary learning environment.

After 30 years, reuniting on one campus will allow for more frequent gathering as an entire school and will strengthen the school community.

To whom may we address more questions?

Please feel free to email the Director of Institutional Advancement Robyn Jensen or call her at 801-924-2961.