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At Rowland Hall's fifth-, eighth-, and twelfth-grade graduation ceremonies this June, student speakers shared funny, reflective, and inspiring stories with those in attendance.
Jeremy Innis, Alisa Poppen, and Rob Wilson will be engaged in professional-development opportunities sure to enhance curriculum and student learning for years to come.
A junior writes about his internship at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH), where he works with physical trainers to help individuals in post-surgical recovery. His duties range from data tracking and analysis to lab prep and observation.
One student-dancer's experience collaboratively creating the January 17–19 concert "The Monsters We Run From, the Refuge We Seek."
Oliver Jin '18 believes sharing and cherishing personal narratives is key to creating the human connections needed to spark meaningful change. For the past three years, he's built relationships with members of the Navajo Nation, using two documentary films and a portraiture project to help share the stories of those who live on the reservation. His work on the Navajo project-which he says is far from being complete—and his leadership on the Lincoln Street Campus earned him recognition this spring from Utah's Office of Multicultural Affairs.
Rowland Hall senior Aislinn Mitcham spent four weeks this summer at Oxford University, taking engineering and medical science classes taught by university professors, living in the undergraduate dorms, and making new friends from around the world. "Getting to meet people who have completely different world views and world experiences was really important to me," she said.
In March 2018, to celebrate Women's History Month, we shared the stories of some of our school's most influential female leaders.

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