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Who is Mikee?
Posted 11/21/2016 10:00AM

Academically driven Rowland Hall students gravitate toward debate in part due to the opportunity to learn from accomplished-yet-easygoing Debate Coach Mike Shackelford. He has a natural, playful rapport with his debaters. Jaden Lessnick ’16, one of the most successful debaters in school history, went home after one tournament especially excited about his success. But Jaden’s excitement was not over a trophy or an award; he had been granted the privilege of calling his coach by his distinctively chummy nickname. Beginning debaters refer to their coach in formal parlance, Mr. Shackelford. After a certain measure of success, students earn the right to call their award-winning coach “Mikee.” “I still remember how excited and proud Jaden was when he was finally allowed to call you ‘Mikee,’” Jaden’s mother later wrote in a year-end thank you note to Mr. Shackelford.

Mr. Shackelford coaches the Middle School and Upper School debate teams and teaches political science in the history department. He came to Rowland Hall in 2007 after receiving a Bachelor of Science in political science from Weber State University and a Master of Arts in rhetoric from Pepperdine University. He also taught or coached at Jordan High School, Pepperdine University, Weber State, University of California-Berkeley, the Cal National Speech and Debate Institutes, and the Michigan Debate Institute.

Mr. Shackelford has traveled all over the United States attending collegiate and high school debate tournaments and serves in a variety of community leadership positions, including representative for the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA), chair of the Great Salt Lake District of the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA), and executive board member of the National Debate Coaches Association (NDCA).

This year, Mr. Shackelford won National District Chair of the Year for his leadership in the NSDA, and in 2014 he received the Policy Debate Coach of the Year award in recognition of having the top policy debate program in the state of Utah. Mr. Shackelford has consistently raised the bar of excellence by coaching students who win national awards almost every weekend they travel. No Utah team has ever had teams in national elimination rounds as often as Rowland Hall; an accomplishment that contributes to our reputation as one of the best policy debate programs in the United States.

In the most recent season, the debate team earned 13 bids to the Tournament of Champions (TOC), with one partnership gaining nine bids by themselves (the most in the country). That team was consistently ranked in the top five in the national coaches’ poll and reached the elite eight at the TOC, out of 72 teams that reached the most prestigious tournament in the country. At another national championship—the NDCA’s—one of Mr. Shackelford’s teams finished in second place.

People often compare teams to family but debate seems particularly close-knit. Mr. Shackelford and his wife, Carol, have a four-year-old son named Lucas. The weekend following Lucas’ birth, Mr. Shackelford attended the local Alta Silver and Black Invitational Tournament with his team, but his wife wasn’t upset at his absence. According to Mr. Shackelford, “she understands,” particularly since Ms. Shackelford served as the head debate coach at Bingham High School through 2014. In-town weekend tournaments are a family affair for the Shackelford family, with Lucas patiently by his dad’s side through the long hours, offering pre-round high-fives to the team. The Shackelfords expanded their team in August with the birth of their second son, Ethan.

Rowland Hall mourns the passing of trustee emeritus Ian Cumming. Mr. Cumming served on Rowland Hall's board in the 1970s while his two sons, David and John, were students. Over the years, Ian generously shared his time, advice, and financial resources with the school, and his passing is a loss for our entire community.
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It's not particularly easy for Laura Hermance to describe her job at Rowland Hall. While her official title is Lower School administrative assistant, that doesn't give much indication of how varied and unpredictable a day's work might be. One minute she might be helping Lower School Principal Jij de Jesus prepare for a faculty meeting, and the next she might be digging through a pile of used uniform pants to find a replacement pair for a student who got a little too muddy during recess. The ever-changing nature of her position is one of the aspects she loves most, though.
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Last fall, Rowland Hall welcomed two new members of our science faculty: Upper School chemistry teacher Marcus Milling and Middle School science teacher Melissa Sharp. Their passion for science—and teaching young minds to think critically, support claims with evidence, and make connections that alter their worldviews—is undisputed.
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