Elite Skiers, Engaged Students

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Carter Louchheim ski racing.
Rowmarkers in science lab.
Mark Bocock ski racing.
Rowmarker in class.

Rowmark Alumni of Note

College Outcomes

Combined with our exceptional academic program at Rowland Hall, our college placement is 100%. Many Rowmarkers attend the very best colleges and universities around the country—view our historical matriculation list.

U.S. Ski Team Alumni

Since our 1982 founding, we've continued to be a primary feeder program for the U.S. Ski Team with the international success of World Cup stars such as Hilary Lindh, Picabo Street, and most recently, Katie Hensien, Breezy Johnson, Erik Fisher, Alice Mckennis, Courtney Hammond, Jennifer Van Wagner, Keely Kelleher, Kiley Staples, Tague Thorsen, Roger Brown, and Nick Baker. Eleven Rowmark athletes have been named to the U.S. Ski Team since 2003. And in 2014, Juliette Parke and Sofia Yubero were named to the U.S. Ski Team National Training Group.

Breezy Johnson skiing


The resourcefulness, time management, & ability to think outside the box helped me continue to grow after my time at Rowmark, & enabled me to develop the many different aspects—besides skiing fast—required of a professional athlete. I am forever thankful.—Breezy Johnson ’13, U.S. Ski Team member & Olympian

Photo by Jonathan Selkowitz, courtesy Darigold

Rowmark Alumni on National Teams

Name Team & Accomplishments

Elisabeth Bocock ’23

U.S. Ski Team (graduating in 2023)
Mary Bocock ’22 U.S. Ski Team
Katie Hensien ’18 U.S. Ski Team; U16 National SL Champion 2015, Beijing 2022 Olympian
Madi Hoffman ’18 Australian Ski Team, Named to Beijing 2022 Olympic Team (did not compete due to injury)
Katie Vesterstein ’17 Beijing 2022 Olympian (representing Estonia)
Breezy Johnson ’13 U.S. Ski Team; three-time medalist U18 National Championship; Pyeongchang 2018 Olympian, Named to Beijing 2022 Olympic Team (did not compete due to injury)
Alice Mckennis ’08 U.S. Ski Team; 2009 DH and Super-G NorAm Champion; five top-tens in World Cup races; Vancouver 2010 Olympian
; Won St. Anton World Cup DH, January 2013; Pyeongchang 2018 Olympian
Andy Phillips ’07 U.S. Ski Team; All-American and All-PAC12 place kicker for the University of Utah football
Kiley Staples ’07 U.S. Ski Team
Jennifer Vanwagner ’07 U.S. Ski Team; University of Denver Ski Team; World University Games Gold Medalist GS 2011
Courtney Hammond ’06 U.S. Ski Team; Dartmouth College NCCA All-American; 14 victories in FIS University Races
Erik Fisher ’04 U.S. Ski Team; World Junior Bronze DH; two-time NorAm SG Champion; two-time U.S. National Silver Medalist DH; two-time NorAm DH Champion; Dec. 2008 Val Gardena World Cup 7th in DH; Jan. 2009 Kitzbuhel World Cup 11th in DH; Vancouver 2010 Olympian
Tague Thorsen ’04 U.S. Ski Team
Nicholas Baker ’03 U.S. Ski Team
Keely Kelleher ’03 U.S. Ski Team; Europa Cup Silver and Bronze Medalist; World Cup Skier; 2010 U.S. National Super-G Champion; Founder of Keely's Ski Camp for Girls
Chirine Njeim ’03 She represented Lebanon in the 2002, 2006, and 2010 Winter Olympics, and in the 2016 Summer Olympics for the marathon. Njeim was a three-time NCAA qualifier at University of Utah (2007-2009), earning All-American honors as a freshman in 2007 in the giant slalom with a sixth-place finish.
Robert Saunders ’99 U.S. Ski Team
Rowena Bright ’98 Australian National Team; Olympian
Jeff Durand ’95 Canadian National Team
Amber Guaraglia ’94 U.S. Ski Team
Alex Shaffer ’94 U.S. Ski Team; two-time National Champion; Olympian
Levi Leipheimer ’92 Champion road cyclist. Tour De France: 8th in 2002; 9th in 2004; 6th in 2005; and 3rd in 2007. Tour De Spain: 3rd in 2001. Tour of Germany: 2005 Champion. Tour of California: Champion in 2007, 2008, and 2009. Dauphine Libere Champion in 2006. Beijing Olympic bronze medalist in the road time trial.
Gota Miura ’88 Japanese National Team; Olympian
Hilary Lindh ’87 U.S. Ski Team; World Junior Champion; Olympic silver medalist
Picabo Street ’87 U.S. Ski Team; World and Olympic Champion
Ovidio Garcia ’86 Spanish National Team; Olympian
Kristi Terzian ’85 U.S. Ski Team; two-time National Champion; Olympian

Rowmark Alumni Collegiate Skiers

Name Team & Accomplishments
Jack AbuHaidar ’22 Colby College (deferring for a PG year)
Mary Bocock ’22 U.S. Ski Team/Dartmouth College
Preston Bolus ’22 University of Connecticut
Anna Davis ’22 Bates College
Audrey Higgins-Lopez ’22 St. Lawrence University
Ford Hodgkins ’22 Colby College (deferring for a PG year)
Mason Schlopy ’22 Syracuse University (deferring for a PG year)
Frank Stearns ’22 Colgate College (deferring for a PG year)
Maddie Welling ’22 University of Colorado (deferring for a PG year)
Eliza Hodgkins ’20 Cornell University
Bridget Lennon ’20 St. Lawrence University
Carter Louchhiem ’20 Williams College
Ellie Nichols ’20 St. Lawrence University
Jake Bleil ’19 Princeton University
Anya Mulligan ’19 Colorado School of Mines
Elena Zipp ’19 Williams College
Scottie Bocock ’18 Williams College
Camryn Glick ’18 Colorado School of Mines
Katie Hensien ’18 University of Denver
Madison Hoffman ’18 University of Utah
Lucy Neill ’18 St. Michael's College
Calen Carron ’17 Hamilton College
Sommer Glasgow ’17 Bates College
Ned Neill ’17 Colby-Sawyer College
Katie Vesterstein ’17 University of Utah
Hannah West ’17 Bates College
Sofia Yubero ’17 Middlebury College
Liz Baer ’16 Babson College
Zach Coury ’16 McGill University
Megan Dingman ’16 St. Michael's College
Riley Whitney ’16 St. Lawrence University
John Whiting ’16 Plymouth State University
Madison Ostergren ’15 Westminster College
Isabel Torres ’15 Williams College
Matthew Glasgow ’15 Bates College
Lexi Calcagni ’15 Middlebury College
Tristan McInnis ’15 St. Michael's College
Michael White ’15 University of Connecticut
Aspen Sulte ’14 U.S. Air Force Academy
Audrey Hume ’14 University of Alaska
Anna Jobe ’14 Montana State University
T.J. Pope ’14 Babson College
Hunter Stuercke ’14 Plymouth State University
Bella Andrini ’13 University of Alaska
J. J. Cleason ’13 University of Utah; recipient of the Browning Scholarship for Mining Engineering; 2012 Western Region Junior Championships Slalom Champion; three-year Rowmark team captain
Kaitlyn Gibson ’13 Harvard University
Griffin Robillard ’13 Boston College
Lauren Samuels ’13 University of Utah; USA World Junior Championship Team 2012; USA World University Team 2013
Carter Dowd ’12 Babson College; USCSA MacConnell Division Skier of the Year; 1st place Eastern Region Championships; 11th in GS at the 2012 USCSA National Championships
Emma Naatz ’12 University of Denver; Gold and Silver Western Region Junior Championship Slaloms
Andrew Kircher '11 Montana State University
Chase Ryan ’11 Boston College; Gold Super-G Western, Region Junior Championships
Max Axelrod ’11 Williams College
Max Martin ’11 Plymouth State University
Coley Oliver ’09 University of New Hampshire; NCAA All-American; 2nd place in GS at 2013 NCAA Championships; USA World University Team 2013
Taylor Vest Burton ’09 Five-time J2 National Championships Medalist; University of New Hampshire; two-time NCAA All-American 2013; 5th and 6th place at 2013 NCAA Championships
Zach Clayton ’08 University of New Hampshire; NCAA All-American 2011; 3rd place in SL at 2011 NCAA Championships
Justin Samules ’08 Dartmouth College
Lauren Eder ’07 University of Denver
Mikaeka Martineau ’04 Smith College USCSA All-American; 2nd place USCSA National Championships
Dorothy Muirhead ’04 Middlebury College
Shawn Radman ’04 Boston College School of Management, Cum Laude; Leadership Award in Skiing 2006-2007; Athletic Director's Award for Academic Achievement 2006-2007; Ski Team Captain 2007-2008; Outstanding Senior of the Year Award in Alpine Skiing 2007-2008
Eric Oehlerich ’95 Dartmouth College Ski Team Captain
Jeremiah Thompson ’90 Dartmouth College Ski Team Captain

Rowmark Stories in Fine Print Magazine

Rowmarker Mary Bocock verbally commits to ski for NCAA Division 1 Dartmouth College.

At only 18 years old, Rowmarker Mary Bocock has already had an impressive skiing career.

In addition to her achievements as a top Rowmark Ski Academy athlete, Mary had the chance to compete with the US Ski & Snowboard Team in Europe in January 2021, an opportunity that led to her first nomination to the US Alpine Ski Team later that year. Earlier this month, she was nominated to the US Ski Team for a second time. And prior to sustaining a knee injury in December, Mary was ranked first in super-G, third in giant slalom, and eighth in slalom in the United States for her age.

Mary will soon add another achievement to her resume—college athlete—when she joins the Dartmouth College women’s ski team next year. She plans to enroll as a first-year student in fall 2023, after taking a gap year to continue her healing and focus on her commitment to the US Ski Team before she dives back into a routine of balancing school, training, and racing.

“Joining the Dartmouth ski team has been one of my athletic goals since I started thinking about colleges,” said Mary, who long considered the Ivy League school not only because it offered a top ski program, but also because of its academic excellence.

“This is a great fit for Mary on all levels,” said Todd Brickson, Rowmark Ski Academy program director. “Dartmouth has a long history of developing world-class ski racers within their storied NCAA Division 1 ski team, in conjunction with their flexible academic structure and top-notch education.”

To celebrate Mary’s plan to attend Dartmouth, we asked her a few questions about her decision and her journey as a skier. The following interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

When did you find out that you have a spot on Dartmouth's ski team? How did it feel to receive that news?

I started talking to the coach about a year and a half before I committed to skiing for him. I knew the coach was interested in me, but I knew that I shouldn’t get my hopes up because there could be other girls out there. So when he told me he wanted to offer me a spot in the fall of 2023, I felt relieved and excited that I didn’t have to worry about my college experience.

You'll be taking a gap year before heading to Dartmouth. Why did you make that choice?

I will be taking a gap year after I graduate in the spring so that I can focus on my commitment to the US Ski Team and take advantage of all the resources they provide. Throughout my whole racing career, I have always had to balance traveling and school, so I want to experience the sport without having to balance the stresses of high school alongside the pressure of performing well in races and traveling. The Dartmouth coach actually offered me a spot to start in the fall of 2022, but I decided that I want to take a year to mature as an athlete and really focus on racing to make the most of my opportunity with the US Ski Team.

You've been offered a spot on the Dartmouth team and you're on the US Ski Team—basically, you've achieved two of your dreams. While you can't know what lies ahead, how are you approaching these two amazing opportunities?

I feel very lucky to have these two incredible opportunities ahead of me. I am trying to stay present and not worry about how I will balance the two programs. I am just trying to take advantage of the places and lessons I am experiencing. I always try to not take anything for granted—especially after COVID—and make the most of my time traveling and exploring new mountains and countries.

Rowmarker and US Ski Team member Mary Bocock with Rowmark teammates.

Mary, left, with fellow Rowmarkers Carter Louchheim and Mary Clancy in January 2020.

Focusing on your time at Rowland Hall, what moment as a member of Rowmark are you most proud of?

I’ve had a lot of great experiences on Rowmark, so it’s hard for me to pick my favorite moment. But if I had to, I would say one of my favorite memories is when I won a GS [giant slalom] race in Breckenridge, Colorado, at the end of my junior year. It was that race that helped me lower my points enough to make criteria for the US Ski Team. When I came down and everyone was cheering for me, I was so excited that I couldn’t stop smiling. Then, a few minutes later, my coach came down and gave me a hug (which is rare because he’s not one for hugs), and I started to experience an overwhelming amount of emotions because it all felt real.

On the other side, some of the most memorable experiences from Rowmark have been off the snow. The conditioning/team bonding week is always a highlight of the year because the whole team comes together to compete with each other in a very cohesive way. Competition is one of my favorite aspects of ski racing, so I always have a lot of fun on the camping weekend when the whole trip is just filled with competition.

Tell us about the skills you built at Rowland Hall and on Rowmark that you'll be taking with you after graduation.

One of the most notable skills I’ve learned from being on Rowmark while attending a challenging high school is time management and communication. In order for me to keep up with my work while I’m gone, I have to be very diligent with letting my teachers know when I will be gone and updating them on my progress throughout my trips. My first few training camps with the US Ski Team have been very different compared to those with Rowmark because nobody else in my group is in school. I am the only one trying to keep up with classes while skiing at a high level. I have to find time to separate myself and sit down and do school work while my teammates do their other activities. However, I have actually started to really enjoy Zooming into my classes while I'm away on ski trips because it is an opportunity for me to take time off from thinking about skiing and still feel connected with my life at home.

Congratulations, Mary!


Rowmark ski racer Elisabeth Bocock is one of the newest members of the US Ski Team.

Congratulations to junior Elisabeth Bocock, who this week was nominated to the US Ski Team.

Rowmark and US Ski Team ski racer Elisabeth Bocock

Elisabeth is one of 42 athletes nominated to the US Alpine Ski Team and one of three athletes who will be joining the women’s Development Team (D-Team) for the first time for the 2022–2023 competition season. (Athletes qualify for the team in the spring based on selection criteria, and the official team is announced in the fall once nominees complete physical fitness testing and medical department clearance.) She is the youngest addition to the D-Team and the only new member from the state of Utah.

“It was unreal,” said Elisabeth of the moment she received the call from US Ski Team Coach Chip Knight congratulating her on her season and confirming her place on the team. “It was what I’ve been hoping for basically my whole life.”

She’s not kidding. Thanks to her family’s love of skiing, Elisabeth has been involved with the sport for as long as she can remember: she clipped into her first pair of skis at age two, and some of her earliest memories include traveling with her family to Colorado to watch the World Cup—an experience that inspired her first dreams of joining the US Ski Team. “Seeing people on the team there was super exciting,” she remembered. “It made me want to be a part of that.”

It was unreal. It was what I’ve been hoping for basically my whole life.—Elisabeth Bocock, class of 2023, on being nominated to the US Ski Team

It also didn’t hurt that Elisabeth has three older siblings—brothers Scottie ’18 and Jimmy, and sister Mary—who were early naturals on the slopes and whose ski racing journeys inspired her own competitive drive. Elisabeth began racing for the Snowbird Ski Team at age six, and she joined Rowmark Ski Academy at age 13—a move she credits for preparing her to excel in both racing and academics, and where she’s had an exceptional career. In the 2021–2022 season alone, Elisabeth had five podium finishes in elite-level FIS races and is currently ranked first for her age in the US in slalom, giant slalom, and super-G, and second in the world in giant slalom.

“What is so impressive about Elisabeth objectively earning a spot on the US Ski Team is that her season was filled with setbacks,” said Foreste Peterson, Rowmark Ski Academy’s head women's FIS coach. “Whether it was having to quarantine from COVID exposures, or the many hard crashes she took that left her concussed, bloody, bruised, and banged up, she was knocked down time and time again. Yet, she bounced back every time, better than before, and always with a smile on her face. It was truly a pleasure to work with Elisabeth this year, and I so look forward to seeing what her future holds.”

And while Elisabeth’s riding the high of simply making the US Ski Team, she’s also enjoying an additional perk not available to every athlete in her position: the knowledge that this new experience will include her older sister (and role model), Mary, who was nominated to the US Ski Team last spring. “I’m super excited to work together in a different atmosphere,” said Elisabeth. “Mary’s been a real inspiration to me and has shown me what it takes to get to where I need to go.”

We can’t wait to see where she goes next. Congratulations, Elisabeth—we’ll be cheering you on!


Former Rowmarker Katie Hensien '18, who is competing at the Olympic Games this month.

We are proud of the Olympians representing Rowmark Ski Academy and Rowland Hall at this month's Olympic Games, which kick off February 4.

Since their earliest days on the mountain, these skiers have been on a journey toward athletic excellence. Being named to their countries’ Alpine ski teams is one of the highest honors of their careers, and represents hours of sacrifice and a steady commitment to intense training and competition.

While four of our former athletes qualified for the 2022 Olympics, two will be competing in Beijing this month.

“Unfortunately, Breezy Johnson and Madi Hoffman both sustained season-ending knee injuries while training for the Games and will not be able to compete,” said Todd Brickson, Rowmark Ski Academy program director. “Nevertheless, they qualified for the Olympics and we could not be more proud of Breezy and Madi. Injury is a common reality in our sport and the timing is devastating, but they will be back stronger than ever. Katie Hensien and Katie Vesterstein will carry the Rowmark Ski Academy and Rowland Hall torch, and we will be watching!”

To help the Rowland Hall community prepare to cheer on our former Rowmarkers at the Games, we have provided brief overviews of the Olympians below (as well as a throwback photo for each!).

Team USA: Katie Hensien ’18

Former Rowmarker and 2022 Alpine skiing Olympian Katie Hensien.

Katie Hensien graduated from Rowmark and Rowland Hall in 2018. She is a five-year member of the US Ski Team, and also currently skis for and attends the University of Denver. Katie is originally from Redmond, Washington, and will make her Olympic debut in Beijing. She is the 2020 national champion in giant slalom and was a part of the Junior World Championships team that won the silver medal in the team event in Val di Fassa, Italy.

“Katie is an incredible talent and hard worker, and is someone who always has a huge smile on her face,” said Todd. “She brings incredible energy and positive vibes into every room.”

Update February 9, 2022: Katie placed 26th in slalom.

Team Estonia: Kaitlyn (Katie) Vesterstein ’17

Former Rowmarker and 2022 Alpine skiing Olympian Katie Vesterstein.

Katie Vesterstein graduated from Rowmark and Rowland Hall in 2017. A native of Duluth, Minnesota, Katie is currently a senior at the University of Utah and an All-American member of the university’s national champion ski team. Katie is a dual citizen of the US and Estonia and will be representing Estonia at the Beijing Games.

“Katie is a fierce competitor and incredibly kind teammate who grew up ski racing on the small hills of Minnesota before joining Rowmark and Rowland Hall for two years and propelling herself onto the prestigious University of Utah ski team,” said Todd.

Update February 7, 2022: Katie placed 35th in giant slalom.

Update February 9, 2022: Due to a crash, Katie received a DNF in slalom.

Team Australia: Madison (Madi) Hoffman ’18 (Injured)

Former Rowmarker and 2022 Alpine skiing Olympian Madison Hoffman.

Madi Hoffman graduated from Rowmark and Rowland Hall in 2018. She has been a member of the Australian National Team for several years and is also a two-year member of the national champion University of Utah ski team. Madi is a three-time Australian National Champion in slalom and giant slalom, and was one of only two Aussie women to qualify for the 2022 Olympics in Alpine skiing. She had been preparing for this moment with her coach (and former Rowmark head coach) Jim Tschabrun for four years.

“Madi is one of the hardest working and thoughtful young women I have ever had the pleasure to coach,” said Todd. “Her unfortunate knee injury will keep her from competing in this Olympics, but she is a very determined, talented ski racer, and I have no doubt that she will be back stronger than ever."

Team USA: Breezy Johnson ’13 (Injured)

Former Rowmarker and 2022 Alpine skiing Olympian Breezy Johnson.

Breezy Johnson graduated from Rowmark and Rowland Hall in 2013. Originally from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Breezy joined the US Ski Team in 2014 and qualified for her first Olympic Games in 2018, where she placed seventh in downhill and 14th in super-G. Prior to her knee injury, Breezy was a clear medal contender after reeling off seven podium finishes and nine top-fives in her last 10 World Cup downhill races.

“In Breezy's time at Rowland Hall and Rowmark, she was incredibly determined and hardworking, both on the hill and in the classroom. At a young age Breezy had a very strong belief in herself and what was possible for her to achieve,” said Todd. “All I can say is that she is one of the world's best and she will be back with a vengeance.”


Women’s Alpine skiing events begin on Monday, February 7. Check out the full Alpine skiing schedule for event information.

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Banner: Katie Hensien competing for Rowmark Ski Academy.


Ski racer Mary Bocock, who competes with Utah's Rowmark Ski Academy, has been nominated for the 2021–22 US Alpine Ski Team

Since the age of six, Rowland Hall junior—and passionate ski racer—Mary Bocock has had a big goal: to join the US Ski Team. That dream just came true.

I’ve wanted to be on the team ever since I started racing, so getting the call felt like I was achieving a goal I’d had for over 10 years.—Mary Bocock, class of 2022

On May 3, US Ski & Snowboard announced that 44 top national athletes, including Mary, have been nominated to the US Alpine Ski Team for the 2021–2022 competition season (athletes qualify based on published selection criteria in the prior season). Mary is one of only three new members of the women’s Development Team, also known as the D-Team; she’s also the youngest addition to that team and the only new member hailing from the state of Utah.

“When I got the call from [US Ski Team Coach] Chip Knight congratulating me on my nomination to the D-Team, I was overwhelmed with excitement,” said Mary. “I’ve wanted to be on the team ever since I started racing, so getting the call felt like I was achieving a goal I’d had for over 10 years. I am looking forward to skiing with a group of girls who push me and who know what it takes to be the best.”

Mary had a sensational 2020–2021 race season, which included a November 2020 US Nationals performance with Rowmark Ski Academy that earned her an invitation to compete with the US Ski Team in Europe. After placing in several races in Cortina, Italy, and Garmisch, Germany, in early 2021, Mary returned to the United States to finish the season: at the FIS Elite Races at Sugar Bowl Resort and Squaw Valley, California, she took 10th place overall (second for U19s) in giant slalom, and 11th place overall (fourth for U19s) in slalom. At the FIS Spring Series in Breckenridge, Colorado, she won the giant slalom race—a win that currently ranks her second in the nation and sixth in the world in giant slalom for her age, as well as first and ninth in the world in super-G. Finally, she ended the season with a 12th-place finish in super-G at the US National Championships in Aspen, Colorado.

Mary's fierce competitive nature is among the best in the world and I'm confident that she will take advantage of this opportunity.—Graham Flinn, head FIS coach

“Mary has worked incredibly hard day in, day out, not only this season but for many years in order to put herself in a position to accomplish the goal of being named to the US Ski Team,” said Graham Flinn, head FIS coach for Rowmark Ski Academy. “I'm very proud of the way she carried herself throughout this past year's successes and challenges. She continues to impress with her drive and ability to be a student of the sport. Her fierce competitive nature is among the best in the world and I'm confident that she will take advantage of this opportunity.”

The US Ski Team’s alpine athletes have already kicked off pre-season camps, and the official team will be announced this fall once nominees complete required physical fitness testing and US Ski & Snowboard medical department clearance. We will continue to update the Rowland Hall community on Mary’s progress in this exciting new chapter in her ski-racing career—which she’ll balance alongside her senior year at Rowland Hall—through the fall and winter.

Congratulations, Mary!

The below video, first shared with the Rowland Hall community in April 2021, features Mary's reflections on competing in Europe earlier this year.


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