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Rowmark Junior Program

We foster a lifelong appreciation of alpine skiing and racing, all in a fun, positive learning environment tailor-made for young athletes.

Rowmark Junior develops versatile skiers who understand ski-racing basics and have a strong technical foundation in the sport. As they grow through our program, skiers become more self-reliant—we increase their level of competition, racing focus, and number of days on snow in order to prepare them for our Academy if they wish to apply. At every level, we encourage young skiers to have fun and love the sport.

Team Ages Days on Snow* Race Series Team Size
All-Mountain Rippers 9–11 30 or 45 Youth Ski League 18
All-Stars 10–13 70 South Series 14
Academy Prep 12–14 (grades 7–8) 80 Jr. IMD Cup 14

*Days on snow occur on school breaks, weekends, Wednesday nights, and Friday afternoons.

Program Features & Details

  • Rowmark Junior serves Rowland Hall students ages nine through 14, or third through eighth grade.
  • The program takes place after school and on weekends. The schedule is built around Rowland Hall's academic curriculum. There's harmony between the two schedules—skiers can excel in school while pursuing their ski-racing goals.
  • All dryland training occurs at school as an extension of the school day, eliminating extra parent transportation.
  • We offer professional transportation from school to the mountain and back.
  • Our highly qualified coaching staff focuses on fun while enabling the students to build confidence, self-discipline, team camaraderie, and sportsmanship.
  • Our skiers' safety is our coaches' number one concern. We promote safety awareness on and off the mountain.
  • Our coaches emphasize mountain rules and skier courtesy.
  • Our program is made up of three different teams—All-Mountain Rippers, All-Stars, and Academy Prep. These teams offer a natural progression of increased commitment and focus on competition as ability, skill, and interest rise.
  • We have an eye toward shaping strong ski racers that ultimately may qualify for Rowmark Ski Academy.
  • We see skiing as a lifelong sport that can be performed with family and friends of all ages. Our skiers develop skills they'll enjoy long after their young racing careers.

Troy Price
Rowmark Junior Program Director, U.S. Ski and Snowboard 2018 Development Coach of the Yearget to know Troy

Troy always wanted the atmosphere to be fun because he wanted to instill in us the same love of the sport that he has.—Sofia Yubero ’17

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Rowmark News & Features

Rowmarkers Prepare for the Race Season

By Sarah Getzelman, Rowmark Team Manager

As the days are becoming shorter and colder, Rowmark Ski Academy and Junior Program student-athletes are putting the final touches on their race preparation and gearing up for competitions. Following a challenging snow year in 2017–2018, this season is off to a better start with some natural snow, and cold, snow-making temperatures at the ski areas.

Our Rowmark teams—consisting of some of the best junior alpine ski racers and student-athletes nationally and internationally—worked hard from spring through autumn in our rigorous conditioning program, which gets athletes in shape for winter. This year's program has included the following:

  • In June, we kicked off our on-snow camps at Mammoth Mountain, California.
  • Before the start of school, our U14–U19 teams traveled to Mt. Hood, Oregon, for our second on-snow camp.
  • Over fall break in early October, the U19 team traveled to Schnalstal, Italy, for a 10-day camp. They trained next to world-class athletes from around the region and enjoyed excellent snow conditions, incredible views, and delicious Italian food.
  • The next stop for the Academy is Aspen, Colorado, while our Junior Program heads to Sun Valley, Idaho, for a five-day, pre-Thanksgiving camp.

Once the winter trimester starts, our athletes in grades eight through twelve will be out of school at noon daily and skiing full-time at Park City and Snowbird from December through April.

Rowmarkers work together and support one another, and that was a primary focus during our 10th Biennial Rowmark Ski Academy Bear Lake Challenge in early September. The orientation weekend tests Rowmarkers physically, mentally, and socially; identifies and develops leadership, spirit, and cooperation skills; and facilitates team bonding. Also over that weekend, skiers elected their 2018–2019 team captains: seniors Jake Bleil and Elena Zipp, and juniors Eliza Hodgkins and Carter Louchheim.

As our seasoned captains well know, year-round physical conditioning is a critical component to optimal skiing. Graham Flinn—our new women's and conditioning head coach—has already started directing a dynamic, periodized daily physical-training program that includes strength/power, cardiovascular, plyometrics, quickness and coordination, flexibility, and cross-training/games.

In addition to physical conditioning, the Academy team works with a mental-performance coach and a nutritionist starting in October. The mental-performance coach works with the athletes on psychological focus, concentration, imagery, self-talk, mental toughness, and pre-performance routines. These mental skills are as critical as physical strength and can significantly enhance performance. Nutrition education also plays a major role in the athletes' well-being and performance.

As the competition season approaches, Rowmarkers look forward to putting their conditioning to the test. Their days will soon be filled: morning academic classes are followed by afternoon ski training, video review, ski tuning, and evenings of homework. Their race schedule takes them all over the country and for some, to Canada and Europe. The extensive travel means Rowmarkers will miss several weeks of school in the winter, testing their organizational, communication, and time-management skills. The athletes know they must make the grade academically before they can make the starting gate at a ski race. Success hinges on the support of the Rowland Hall faculty and their extra efforts of frequent communication, consultation sessions, and exam preparation, all of which enable Rowmarkers to not only survive the academic load but often to excel. We thank our teachers for their commitment.

Our Junior Program has also added some new coaches to our skilled staff. Please welcome Darryl Whitaker as our Academy Prep Head Coach, Merrick Flygare and Eric Dooley-Feldman with our All-Star team, and Richie Douglas with our All-Mountain Rippers. Junior Program athletes completed a productive fall-conditioning phase and kick off their on-snow prep period with the Sun Valley camp. We have an exciting race series this year—please come out and support our Junior Rowmarkers as they go for the gold!

Our Academy and Junior Program develop young athletes to their fullest potential. This takes place on the race course, in the classroom, and everywhere in between. Working together as a team, building character, embracing struggle, and committing to personal and academic excellence all set our program apart. We look forward to the challenges and successes of the approaching season.


Rowmark Junior Program Director Troy Price Crowned National Development Coach of the Year

Troy Price, Rowmark Ski Academy's beloved junior program director since 2010, in May added national accolades to his already long list of accomplishments. U.S. Ski and Snowboard named him the 2018 Development Coach of the Year, one of only two top coaching awards they bestow annually.

U.S. Ski and Snowboard initially selected Troy as the 2018 Alpine Domestic Coach of the Year, one of 14 silver-level coaching awards for various disciplines, including snowboarding, cross country, and ski jumping. From that group of 14 winners, only one is picked to receive the gold-level, cross-discipline honor of Development Coach of the Year.

Neither Troy nor Rowmark Director Todd Brickson knew Intermountain Division (IMD) Director Carma Burnett had nominated Troy for the initial award. Appropriately enough, Troy learned he'd won that title while he was at Canada's Whistler Cup overseeing the Western Region's U14 team—a team that existed thanks in part to his vision. With his award, Troy joins a list of past winners whom he considers legends within the sport. "It's a little humbling to be on there," he said.

Not everyone's as modest: Rowmark Director Todd Brickson said Troy was "so deserving" of the recognition. Troy loves what he does, cares deeply, and is intelligent and well-organized, Todd said. "Not only is he directing our junior program and driving really sound athlete development within Rowmark," Todd said, "but Troy is reaching out beyond our program to make our division better. It therefore makes our program better. And now he's also creating regional projects and philosophies that make the whole West better." That big-picture scope is rare, Todd said, and ultimately benefits skiing at the national level too.

U.S. Ski and Snowboard summarized Troy's efforts in a news release: "He established the division's development committee nine years ago and has served as committee chair since its inception, playing a key role in managing development projects, running the Tri-Divisional Championships," and fielding the regional team for the Whistler Cup. And in her nomination letter, Carma wrote that "Troy IS Development in the IMD Alpine Division." Read her letter here.

"I hope I have been able to convey how passionate and amazing Troy Price is when it comes to developing athletes," Carma concluded her letter. "He pays as much attention to the 'elite' athletes as he does to the 'last pick.' IMD is fortunate to have his energy and input."

Rowmark and Rowland Hall alumna Sofia Yubero '17 has known Troy since she was seven years old, and as a seventh grader started at Rowmark Junior under his direction. Some of the IMD events she and her peers got to compete in wouldn't have existed without Troy, she explained. And of course, he goes above and beyond in his leadership roles: "Even if he's running the race, he's cycling the chairlift and bringing food and drinks to all the other volunteers," she said. "He's extremely organized and knows how to achieve his agenda. No one works harder for what they want than Troy, and he's a true role model."

Troy Price and his Rowmark Junior crew.
Immediately above: Troy Price (far left, bottom) with his Rowmark Junior crew in March.
Top of page: Troy Price, right, with U.S. Ski and Snowboard Chairman Dexter Paine during the Chairman's Awards Dinner in Park City May 3.

At Rowmark, Troy focuses on the athlete as a whole, from ski racing to good sportsmanship to academics. One career highlight, for instance, came when rising sophomore Tommy Hoffman, as a seventh grader, won the region's first U14 event—an event Troy had proposed. "To have a Rowmark kid win it, that was awesome," he said. But what was so memorable about the event was how Tommy took the initiative to shake the hands of the other top-10 finishers before stepping onto his podium. "He showed respect to his competitors," Troy said. "That sportsmanship was a true reflection of our program."

Troy's positive, inclusive coaching style and inimitable work ethic has absolutely benefitted Rowmark, Todd said. "When Troy first took the job, our junior program wasn't really a feeder program," the director said. "We would gain zero to one or two kids moving into our junior program for the academy and had to recruit most of our skiers from all over the country and internationally." But as a result of Troy's work, the junior program has become a primary feeder for the academy, and skiers coming from the junior program are well-prepared to meet the demands of the Rowmark/Rowland Hall lifestyle.

Troy doesn't mince words: he's put in long days to achieve his myriad goals. It helps that he's eerily organized—he holds an accounting degree from Weber State University and worked in that field before leaving to pursue his coaching passion. Though he switched careers, accounting strategies stuck with him: "There are a few coaches out there who nicknamed me Mr. Spreadsheet," Troy joked. But even the spreadsheets hold deeper meaning for Troy. Once he's formed a relationship with a Rowmarker or any IMD skier, he keeps an eye on their careers. "It's exciting when I'm creating a ranking sheet and I see an athlete succeed or make a championship event, and I know I may have had a small impact in that."

And it's just that: at the root of it all, Troy is an amazing coach who knows how to motivate his skiers. "During each of the last three years in a row, Troy's U14 athletes have qualified for the U16 Nationals," Carma wrote in her letter. "More so they continue to have success as they advance their ski-racing journey."

Sofia can vouch for Troy's impactfulness. She took a postgraduate year and is currently recovering from injuries, but hopes to ski for Middlebury College, where she'll be a freshman in the fall. "I definitely wouldn't be the person or athlete I am today if it weren't for Troy," she said. "He's been in my life for so long, and we've spent so much time together that he's essentially like a second father to me. But besides our close, personal connection, as a coach, he taught me about the value of work ethic and the importance of goal setting. There's nothing like grueling workouts in the summer and fall heat, but somehow Troy always made us excited to work towards our in-season goals that were months away."

And through his coaching style and his talent, Troy simply inspires a love for the sport, Sofia said. She still remembers sprinting against him during physical testing when she was younger: "Following him on a powder day around Snowbasin is one of the best things because he knows the mountain so well," she said. "Plus, he's an insane skier. I loved skiing behind him and trying to mimic his every move." Troy cultivated a fun atmosphere, Sofia explained, because he knows the competition aspect of the sport eventually comes to an end. Rather, he focuses on the promise that "if our love of skiing is strong enough, we—his athletes—will continue to ski for the rest of our lives."



Rowmark Junior Program: Season Roundup Winter 2018

The Rowmark Junior Program had extraordinary success this year! From the older eighth grade Academy Prep skiers to the young All-Mountain Rippers, there were podium finishes and medals galore. This is a true testament to the hard work the athletes and coaches put in all year.

Read on for season highlights.


Academy Prep

The following students qualified for the U14 Western Region Championships that took place in Jackson, WY: Harry Hoffman, Preston Bolus, Jack AbuHaidar, Ford Hodgkins, and Ian Hanrahan.

Leading the charge was Harry Hoffman, winning both the super-G and giant slalom (GS). Preston Bolus placed 3rd in the super-G followed by Jack AbuHaidar in 4th and Ian Hanrahan in 9th. Other top-10 finishes included Jack AbuHaidar placing 3rd in the giant slalom and Ford Hodgkins finishing 10th. All five boys collected medals, which was an amazing feat. Harry Hoffman's results qualified him for the U16 National Championships where he will join Rowmark Academy teammates Mary Bocock, Lindley Friedman, and Carter Louchheim in Mission Ridge, WA.

Preston Bolus and Jack AbuHaidar qualified to the 2018 Whistler Cup in Canada April 12-16. This prestigious International Children's event hosts athletes from all over the world. Harry Hoffman will also be competing with his home country of Australia.

Qualifying for the Tri-Divisional Championships at Snowbasin, UT were Arden Louchheim, Kate Altman, Davern Cigarran, Remy Mickelson, Molly Friedman, Hayley Brathwaite, Frank Stearns, and Angus Percy. The weather started off pretty wild with plenty of rain, forcing the cancellation of the super-G. In the GS, Arden Louchheim put together two great runs to capture first place! In the SL event, teammate Molly Friedman won, followed by Arden in 3rd and Kate Altman 5th.


The All-Stars consist of U10 and U12 skiers. Qualifying from this group to the U10/U12 Intermountain (IMD) Champs were Kaia Brickson, Sophia Hijjawi, Kirsten Mannelin, Pippa Brathwaite, Lucy Nolan, Morgan Jacquin, Alan Dugan, Henry Cunningham, Jack Zipp, Cooper Percy, Anders Silitch, Lukas Postnieks, Chase Dennis, Jack Hoffman and Cael Eley. The event was held at Grand Targhee in Wyoming and consisted of a GS, SL, dual event and crazy, ever-changing weather.

In the SL event Alan Dugan tied for 3rd place, while Kaia Brickson finished 4th. Henry Cunningham finished 14th, Jack Zipp 15th and Anders Silitch 19th. In the GS, Henry Cunningham finished 8th, Jack Zipp 16th and Alan Dugan 20th.

For the U10's, Sophia Hijjawi finished 3rd in GS and 6th in the SL, Pippa Brathwaite finished 8th in GS and 11th in SL, Lukas Postnieks finished 1st in the SL, Chase Dennis finished 4th in SL and 12th in GS, while Cael Eley finished 8th in the GS.

To top off the weekend, Olympian and Rowmark Alumna Breezy Johnson '13 stopped by to give words of encouragement.

All-Mountain Rippers (AMR)

Our AMR group had success throughout the season starting with the YSL race on our home hill at Park City. They continued their development and finished the season with two outstanding races: Brian Head Utah and Bogus Basin Idaho. Congrats to Noah Helms, Julian Bamberger, Chase Noteware, Andrew Hanrahan, Eli Rankin, Henry Damico, and Wyatt Williams!


Rowmark Junior Program Kicks Off Season

By Troy Price, Rowmark Junior Program Director

The Rowmark Junior Program, comprised of three teams, has committed hours of mental and physical conditioning work to prepare for the upcoming race season yet. The student-athletes are ready and excited for the snow to fall.

All Mountain Rippers – Enrollment Open until Dec 15th.

Coach Jay Sawyer reports that our All Mountain Rippers (AMR) team, comprised of athletes ages 9-11, has been working hard building character and muscle! Cardio and agility have been the themes this fall, as well as setting personal goals in workouts and on snow. We would like to send a special thank you to Coach Megan for leading our dryland training sessions. The AMR team also had the opportunity to learn about mountain safety with a visit from Frankie the ski patrol dog. Strong comradery and personal bests have led to an all-time high in team spirit!

All Star and Academy Prep

Our All Star and Academy Prep student-athletes, ranging in ages from 10-14, had a remarkable 6-day on-snow camp in Mammoth, California in June. Athletes have been working hard on their physical conditioning all summer and into our fall dryland training. The Academy Prep student-athletes train four days a week after school and were joined by our All-Star team two days a week. The focus was on cross-training and building strength while increasing aerobic and anaerobic capacity through circuits and weight training. These conditioning sessions provided a positive team environment, and team-building skills allowed athletes to strengthen their team spirit. This essential part of the program builds trust, confidence, and friendship. We are gearing up for our annual fall ski camp. The Academy Prep athletes hit Loveland Colorado on Nov 11-12 for an early season prep camp. Plus new this year for the All Stars is a training trip to Sun Valley Nov 17-22. With winter just around the corner, everyone is very excited to ski at Park City and other local resorts.

We are pleased that all three head coaches are returning to lead our program through another successful season: Hailey Duke - Academy Prep, Penny Hietala – All Stars, and Jay Sawyer – All Mountain Rippers. We also have two new coaches: Eric Brandolini will join the Academy Prep coaching staff, and Rowmark Alumni Carl Noble will be joining the All Star coaching staff.

Skiing is a lifelong sport to be enjoyed with family and friends of all ages. Our young skiers develop their talents and create memories they'll cherish long after their racing days are over. Rowmark Junior Program's highly qualified coaches focus on helping students build confidence, self-discipline, team camaraderie, and sportsmanship on and off the hill. Our program is designed to foster a lifelong appreciation of alpine skiing and racing. We strive to offer students a fun skiing experience in a safe, positive learning environment.

This philosophy is applied based on age and ability and offers a progression whereby skiing days and race involvement increases as the skier's age and commitment level grows. The Rowmark Junior Program serves Rowland Hall students, ages 9-14 (3rd grade through 8th grade) on three teams, offering a natural progression of increased commitment and focus on competition as ability and skill improve.

2017-18 Rowmark Junior Program Athletes and Staff

Academy Prep
Jack AbuHaidar
Preston Bolus
Ford Hodgkins
Remy Mickelson
Frank Stearns
Kate Altman
Iam Hanrahan
Layla Hijjawi
Harry Hoffman
Arden Louchheim
Hayley Brathwaite
Davern Cigarran
Molly Friedman

All Starts
Adrian Lazzi
Alan Dugan
Dean Hijjawi
Morgan Jacquin
Gwendolyn Newport
Anders Silitch
Kaia Brickson
Henry Cunningham
WIll Damico
Jack Hoffman
Jack Zipp
Pippa Brathwaite
Kirsten Mannelin
Lucy Nolan
Cooper Percy
Milan Mickelson
Chase Dennis
Cael Eley
Sophia Hijjawi
Lukas Postnieks

All Mountain Rippers
Noah Helms
Chase Noteware
Julian Bamberger
Henry Damico
Andrew Hanrahan
Eli Rankin
Wyatt Williams

Coaching Staff
Troy Price – Junior Program Director
Hailey Duke – Academy Prep Head Coach
Anna Jobe – Academy Prep Coach
Eric Brandolini – Academy Prep Coach
Penny Hietala – All Star Head Coach
Karina Schwartznau – All Star Coach
Carl Noble – All Star Coach
Jay Sawyer – All Mountain Ripper Head Coach
Megan Hanrahan – All Mountain Ripper Coach
Courtney McCabe – All Mountain Ripper Coach

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