People, Passion, Purpose

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School Life

Students are set up for academic and personal success when they feel understood, nurtured, and challenged.

More important than core classes, exams, grades, or graduation requirements are the people with whom students spend their days. Here, the relationships students build with one another—as well as those cultivated between teachers and students—are second to none. Rowland Hall's supportive, encouraging culture helps students feel safe taking risks, whether they're tackling a new subject or navigating the slot canyons of Southern Utah.

Adults and peers serve as positive role models in and out of the classroom, and students find their passions and grow intellectually and emotionally. Through student-led programs, open dialogue, and a focus on compassion, empathy, and a supportive peer environment, Rowland Hall is leading the path for student wellness in Utah. Our goal is to foster a community of learners who are healthy, motivated, and prepared for the challenges life has to offer. 

You Belong at Rowland Hall