Welcome, Families

Parent/Caregiver Involvement 

When you enroll your student at Rowland Hall, your family joins a caring community that values your participation—at the classroom level, in our parent-school organization, in parent/caregiver education opportunities, supporting the arts and sports, and in helping to make the “extras” in “extraordinary” possible for every student. Parents/caregivers are the vital ingredient in this supportive environment in which our students, athletes, and artists thrive. Getting involved at school is also a way for you to get to know other families who value the many benefits of independent education.

Home & School

Parents/caregivers at Rowland Hall automatically become members of the Home and School Association, our parent-school organization. Both campuses have Home and School executive boards and regular meetings, at which parents/caregivers plan and organize gatherings such as classroom celebrations, used-uniform sales, faculty-appreciation events, new-parent events, parent socials, and more. Home and School hosts three to four Parent/Caregiver Forum meetings a year, which often feature guest speakers who discuss topics related to parenting and student education.

Home & School Volunteers

Throughout the year, many volunteers are needed to assist on various committees. The Home and School committees include Back-to-School Night across all school divisions, Book Fair, faculty dinners, Puttin' on the Arts recitals, vision screenings, school pictures, family caroling, Candle and Carol, faculty/staff appreciation week, Color Day, and fifth-grade and senior graduation. Ad hoc committees are formed when needed for special issues or projects.

In addition, the Home and School Board presides over the committees of Parent Outreach, Parent Relations and Education, Hospitality, and Special Projects. Everyone is welcome and invited to participate in any of these activities.

Home & School Room Representatives

Room representatives or grade representatives are parent/caregiver volunteers who assist their child’s teacher with special projects and Home and School activities when needed. There are at least two room representatives per class or grade. The room representatives or grade reps collectively share the responsibility of various classroom or grade-level assignments.

Room or grade representatives are also responsible for coordinating class participation in annual events like parent/caregiver socials, faculty/staff appreciation week, and Color Day.

Parent/Caregiver Education

Parents/caregivers are our partners in education. The more tools we can give adults to help their students, the better the outcome for all of us. Visit Parent Education for details, and don't miss our 2019-launched podcast, princiPALS.

McCarthey Campus Classroom Volunteers

Individual teachers from the Beginning School and Lower School may invite parents/caregivers or grandparents to participate or assist in a special classroom activity and/or field trip. The Beginning School and Lower School faculty often welcome parents who want to share a unique skill or interest.

Half Day Whole Heart—Upper School Day of Service

Half Day/Whole Heart occurs each October in the afternoon that follows PLAN/PSAT testing. The entire Upper School community (students, teachers, and parents/caregivers who volunteer to help) blankets the Salt Lake Valley to work with nonprofits for half a day.

Biennial Auction

In March, every other year, Rowland Hall staff, in conjunction with dynamic parent/caregiver volunteers, organizes, donates, and decorates to make the school’s auction gala one of the most successful in the city. During the planning stages, the Board of Trustees decides which school priority will benefit from the proceeds, and in recent years professional development, financial aid, and the Capital Campaign in support of the Richard R. Steiner Campus have all received a boost from our auction guests’ generosity. Volunteering to plan and put on the auction is a fun way to meet other parents/caregivers, and attending the auction with school friends makes for a night to remember.

Booster Club

Parents/caregivers can become true green-and-white Winged Lion fans by becoming a member of the Booster Club with an annual donation of $50. Benefits include free admission to all Winged Lion home games. Benefits to our athletes are boundless! Club-fueled purchases such as new uniforms, camera equipment, and training gear have helped our teams enjoy success on the courts, fields, and pools. Booster Club is an invaluable source of funding and volunteer support. It provides the fuel for Winged Lion spirit, school wide.

Parent/Caregiver Social

The parent social for lower, middle, and upper school parents is an informal gathering that takes place in the fall, typically a Rowland Hall parent/caregiver home. It's an opportunity for parents to become better acquainted with each other in a causal, relaxed setting.

Get Connected

Rowland Hall's teachers, administrators, trustees, and communications staff keep our community informed in many ways.

Communication Efforts

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