Caring for the Whole Child

School Services 

For busy, working families, Rowland Hall offers services to augment your transportation, childcare, health, and food-services needs. These programs are administered by trained, professional staff, who are available to help you tailor services and schedules that work best for your student.

Academic Support

Academic support counselors are available to provide the following support as needed:

  • Reading and writing assessments
  • ERB testing for fourth and fifth grades
  • Partner with families and students if tutors are needed
  • Offer supplemental reading and math assessment and support
  • Work with educational psychologists as needed
  • Provide individualized educational support as needed
  • Assistance with time management and organizational skills
  • Recommend and provide individual student academic accommodations as needed
  • Resources for outside tutoring and standardized test preparation

Emotional Support

Full-time emotional support counselors are available to students and families on both campuses to assist with family, peer, and personal issues as they affect a child’s school life. Emotional support counselors provide:

  • Emotional support to students and/or families
  • Second Step Curriculum, which teaches skills for social and academic success (beginning and lower schools)
  • Support group for students and families
  • Alcohol and drug abuse education
  • Maturation support
  • Resources for parents and students seeking emotional and mental health services outside the school realm
  • Services and support for the entire school community in times of crises
  • Provide developmentally appropriate alcohol and drug, and sexual health education (middle and upper schools)
  • Collaborate with grade level teams to identify issues and develop support plans for students

Enrichment & Extended Day Programs

The Beginning School's Enrichment Program and the Lower School and Middle School Extended Day Program both offer flexible solutions for your before- and after-school childcare needs.

Programs are designed to be consistent with the philosophy of the school, and provide social and recreational activities that help children grow in an informal and nurturing atmosphere. The programs foster self-worth by offering individual and group activities, nutritious snacks, enrichment classes, and a fun atmosphere.

Beginning School Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program provides 3PreK–K students with engaging and relaxing experiences before and after regular school days, all in a multi-aged group.

Beginning School AM Enrichment 

Rowland Hall offers the AM Enrichment Program to all students who arrive on the McCarthey Campus between 7:15 and 8:20 am. Parents must bring their child to room 409, the Enrichment classroom. At 8:20 am, students are escorted to their classes. The AM Enrichment Program is operated on a drop-in basis only. There is no need to register for morning care. The fee for AM Enrichment is $14 per morning if your child arrives before 8 am. After 8 am, there is no charge. AM Enrichment is also available at 7 am by request with at least 24 hours advance notice.

Beginning School PM Enrichment 

Children must be registered 24 hours in advance. Families have the option to reserve any number of days on a year-long basis, on a changing schedule basis, or for occasional days if space permits.

PM Enrichment Options

  • Option A*: 11:30 am to 3:15 pm ($36)—For 3PreK and Half Day 4PreK students only
  • Option B: 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm ($14)
  • Option C: 3:15 pm to 5:30 pm ($25)—For all Beginning School students
  • Option D: 3:15 pm to 6:00 pm ($31)

*Option A is not available for Flex students who are not staying for Flex day.

Enrichment is not offered on days when school is not in session, except on days when there are Parent-Teacher Conferences or Teacher In-Service Days when Special Enrichment will be available.

Program Streamlining for 2020–2021

We're streamlining Beginning School Enrichment for the 2020–2021 school year, and will post those updates here in summer 2020. Changes won't affect program start and end times. In the meantime, email Kathryn Pickford if you have any questions.

Lower School Extended Day

Lower School Morning 

The Lower School AM Extended Day Program is for all students who arrive on the McCarthey Campus between 7:15 and 8 am. Care is available starting at 7 am on an as-needed basis and requires an email request to Kathryn Pickford at least 24 hours in advance.

Parents must bring their child to Beginning School room 409, the Enrichment classroom. At 8 am, the Lower School students move outside to the supervised playground. The AM Extended Day Program operates on a drop-in basis. There is no need to register for morning care.

The fee is $11 per morning if your child arrives before 8 am. After 8 am there is no charge.


  • Arrival between 7 and 7:15 am—$11 fee and email request to Kathryn Pickford at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Arrival between 7:15 and 8 am—$11 fee, no advanced request.
  • Arrival after 8 am—no fee, no advanced request.

Lower School Afternoon 

The afternoon program provides an extended day of interesting and fun experiences from 3:15 pm to 6 pm, for grades first through eighth. Lower School students check-in at the close of the regular school day with the Extended Day staff at the dining hall computer and receive a snack. After announcements, students may attend Extended Day classes or remain in our general games and activities program.

For those interested in Extended Day classes, prices and descriptions can be found in the Parent Portal.

An authorized adult must check out the child from the dining hall before leaving campus each day.

The fee for after-school extended day general programming is $11 per hour. The after-school extended day program ends at 6 pm. Families arriving after 6 pm will be charged an additional $1 per minute late fee.

Middle School Extended Day

The Middle School commons is open from 7:30 to 8 am for all Middle School students, free of charge.

In the afternoon, Extended Day runs daily from 3:45 to 6 pm at a cost of $8.25 per hour, prorated per minute. Families are billed via the school’s monthly billing system. Registration is on a drop-in, as-needed basis. All middle schoolers on campus after 3:45 pm are required to sign into Extended Day unless they are with an athletic team, meeting with a teacher, or taking an Extended Day Enrichment Class or Private Music Lesson. Upon arrival at Extended Day, students choose their activity. Options may include supervised quiet study or homework help in a designated classroom, collaborative homework or studying in the commons, or free-choice recreation activity out on the back field.

Special Day Extended Care 

Special Day activities and care are offered on days that school is not in session, such as Parent-Teacher Conference days and some teacher in-service days.

Programs are designed to be consistent with the philosophy of the school, and provide social and recreational activities that help children grow in an informal and nurturing atmosphere.

Questions? Please call the Auxiliary Program office at 801-924-2971.

Bus Transportation

Rowland Hall provides transportation to families requesting bus services, depending upon the geographical location of the student’s residence and the availability of space. Door-to-door service will not be offered for any route. Service for Beginning School students is conditional—please email Bryan Bailey for more information.

Registration and Costs

Registration is now available for the 2019–2020 school year—read more and register here. Rowland Hall offers four routes: Avenues, Layton, Park City, and Salt Lake.

Free Between-Campus Shuttle

Rowland Hall offers a free shuttle from the Lincoln Street Campus to the McCarthey Campus before school. We offer a shuttle from McCarthey to Lincoln Street and from Lincoln Street to McCarthey after school.

Students should wait near the circle drive at the bus zone (720 Guardsman Way) to take the shuttle from McCarthey Campus to Lincoln Street. Students going from Lincoln Campus to McCarthey Campus will need to be at the bus zone on 8th South. (970 E. 800 S.).

Before School 

  • Lincoln to McCarthey: departs 8:05 am, arrives 8:15 am

After School 

  • McCarthey to Lincoln: departs 3:25 pm, arrives 3:30 pm 
  • Lincoln to McCarthey: departs 3:30 pm, arrives 3:35 pm

Late Bus

Rowland Hall offers a Late Bus to all Park City families. The Late Bus leaves Rowland Hall around 5:45 pm and will arrive in Park City around 6:15 pm. Read more information on the late bus.

Guest Riders

Students who are registered for the bus may have a guest ride with them twice at no additional charge. After that, the student will be billed depending on the route. All guest rides must be pre-approved by Bryan Bailey—please email him for approval at least 24 hours in advance.

Bus Rules and Safety

Rowland Hall bus rules are in place to ensure safety on the bus for students and the driver. Review the rules.

To ensure a safer air quality around our students we support the school’s “No Idling” pledge, which states that if you are stopped for longer than 10 seconds at the school or bus stops that you turn off your engine. Parents, while at the bus stops, are also asked to follow the school’s pledge. Our diesel buses have the proper new standard equipment required for clean emissions.

Unlike many school buses, all Rowland Hall buses have been retrofitted with seat belts to ensure the safety for our students. Buses used for Kindergarten field trips have four-point harnesses.

Most important is the buses' mechanical safety. The Utah Highway Patrol inspects all buses twice a year to ensure proper maintenance. The first visit is a planned inspection and the second is an on-the-spot surprise inspection.

Rowland Hall is a member of the Utah Safety Council.


All drivers are screened and have class B or class A commercial drivers' licenses. When drivers are hired, they are CPR and First Aid certified. Drug and alcohol testing is performed throughout the year.


Please contact Director of Transportation Bryan Bailey at 801-924-2954 or

School Lunch

Rowland Hall partners with Sage Dining Services to provide a variety of healthy and delicious lunch choices for first through twelfth grades. Daily features include freshly prepared soups and entrees, along with sandwiches, a build-your-own specialty salad bar, and freshly made dressings. House-roasted and hand-sliced deli meats, a variety of locally baked breads, a minimum of two fresh vegetables and fresh-cut fruit are also served daily. Middle School and Upper School students also have a variety of a la carte and snack items to choose from in our Lincoln Street Campus cafeteria.

Our sustainability initiatives are integral to our lunch program and are woven throughout our practices. Sage Dining Services shares our commitment to sustainable practices and they work closely with us when choosing local vendors, selecting products and designing the dining program. Food scraps are collected daily from both of our kitchens and the McCarthey Campus cafeteria and added to our on-site composting Earth Tub. The compost produced is used in our science garden at the Lower School.

Food Services Pricing

  • Participation in our cafeteria program is optional and involves an additional daily fee of $5.50 for Lower School students at the McCarthey Campus.
  • Lower School students who bring lunch from home can also purchase milk separately for $1.
  • Meals at the Lincoln Street Campus cafeteria for Middle School and Upper School students are priced a la carte.
  • Both cafeterias are cashless and students use their unique PIN to purchase their food. Parents are billed monthly for their food purchases.
  • School lunch is not available for Beginning School students.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please contact Food Service Director Julia Simonsen at or 801-924-5934.

For more information about our lunch program and daily menu, visit Rowland Hall's page on the Sage website.

Health Services

Rowland Hall's school nurse has an office on the McCarthey Campus and provides and coordinates on-site health care in emergencies and on a daily basis for students, teachers, and staff who need her services.

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